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Diana Figueroa
Diana Figueroa has extensive experience working in the fields of human consciousness and organizational leadership. As the founder of The Quality Mind, she focuses on unlocking the inner journey of the human being by driving individual and collective action, helping teams and organizations understand and reach their unlimited potential.

She has training as a Specialist in Bioneuroemotion and Yoga Siromani. Diana is the NVPF Global Peace Ambassador and works at the intersection of organizational transformation, emotional intelligence, non-violent communication, and loving-kindness meditation.

As a high-impact philanthropist, Diana works tirelessly to guide and lead others in finding balance as emerging leaders of the future. She is passionate about helping people all over the world. She expresses this by volunteering with international organizations, such as the Global Volunteer Network (GVN), International Volunteer HQ, and Fundación Construimos with Ciudades de Dios, where she is a speaker who supports causes with purpose and leverages her network as a media professional to drive social impact.

Diana has focused on Communication and Conscious Leadership. She is a facilitator in programs for the International Coaching Federation ICFSFL. She earned her Bachelor of Business Management from Kean University and has completed extensive training as a Master Coach in Senior Leadership Development at (EIDHI).

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program 1
Non-Violence Communication

Program with effective tools to be present; when we communicate with compassion, we build trust and respect.

program 2
Conscious Leadership in Action

Program in which the leader's emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and the ability to build relationships are worked.

program 3
TQM, A mind with

With this program, you can build trust, communicate assertively, renew commitments, and live in satisfaction.