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Organizational Coaching

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What are The Quality Mind processes?
In these processes, we help companies and entrepreneurs; to improve their understanding of mental behaviors and human behavior. We guide them on an inner human journey to be human, allowing them to transform their individualities to impact their environments and thus obtain massive results within organizations.
Through applied tools, you will help to achieve your individual goals and those of your work team, finding satisfaction with the results of your personal and business life. Living and exercising conscious leadership will create synergies and align your company objectives.
Who is this process for? The Quality Mind proposes an inner work from the being to develop conscious leadership. In line with this, these processes are designed for all people, athletes, parents, and every existing being within a great leader.

That is why the TQM process was created and developed, thinking about the growth of leaders, businesses, or established companies that need to implement activities whose results are focused on personal growth, active leadership, emotional and mental health, organizational balance, decision-making, among many other improvements, to experience exponential growth within organizations.
Benefits of the Organizational Coach
Return on Investment

The financial area of a company is vital for its sustainability of this; however, the commercial exchanges that make possible the fluctuating figures are made by people who, to work fully, must find an internal and external balance, and that is where the TQM guides and tools play an essential role in achieving these results.

Commercial Growth

The most valuable resource for companies are human resources. When they develop commitment and loyalty to the companies' objectives by knowing they are recognized by themselves and by others, they pursue the company's goals as their own, which concludes efficient results for a business collective. TQM guides in the individual and group recognition of the companies' personnel.

Crisis Management

Facing the changing and surprising reality of business and industry is a feature of great value that must be strengthened in work teams within companies. With them, we work on frustrations, and strengths, making them capable of overcoming obstacles through balanced and conscious decision-making.

Conscious Leadership

Successful teams make successful companies; for this, the organizational climate of your company plays an essential role in which the organization's leaders gestate; we work with them and train them in assertive communication in work environments..

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Organizational Conference

It takes place in consciousness environment in which our transformational leader, a specialist in Bioneuroemotion Diana Figueroa, who is an ambassador of peace in Latin America, will lead them to recognize the importance of discovering themselves individually and how this directly influences the achievement of both individual and group objectives.

It increases commitment, responsibility, and productivity, improves emotional and mental health, and creates interest in working consciously in unity.

Strengthening the organizational climate of your company is within your reach; make the decision now.

Write to us, and we will diagnose issues of great importance to your company.
Group Meeting Workshops aimed at business departments, human resources, and work teams, who seek to improve their workflow, have assertive communication, increase creativity, and achieve company objectives and, therefore, their own.
How do I align my goals with those of the company? AtThe Quality Mind Group Meeting, we give you the tools to identify yourself individually and in groups. These workshops are offered in groups of between 10, 20+ people.

Implementing business training is essential for all processes to mesh better and achieve better performance and results.
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Conference Show
The conference will be a journey full of lights, music, interaction, moments of meditation, reflection, and physical activity with original and creative production, making the event's message reach people more strongly.

Attendees will enjoy an entertaining environment where learning activities, experiential and memorable dynamics that start from educational neuroscience meet. That is, the agenda will carry a program that, step by step, will cover each topic related to The Quality Mind.

At The Quality Mind we reinforce the value of people within companies, which is vital today.

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Ast activity skill training These spaces are intended for the team works to become aware of the being, to connect, transform and create new efficient work dynamics.

It takes place in a non-work scenario, in environments conducive to connection, meditation, yoga, reading, exercise, and work sessions.

They are business retreats of 3 days, where training is developed that goes from the inside to be expressed in their human behavior. The commercial growth of companies is not the result of mathematics, and it is the result of the effort and value of each person who makes up the work teams of companies.

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It is an experience program that designs moments to revitalize participants throughout an event, optimizing energy levels, attention, and participation.

We developed an interactive methodology of total experiential immersion with a neuroscientific educational approach that helps attendees renew their mind-body connection to avoid exhaustion.

TQM-ERis personally guided by the founder Diana Figueroa, who will direct with her vital presence the realization of the TQM experience using the inner voice, breathing, sound waves, guided images, and light effects that will bring attendees closer to feel various states of emotion, this through a unique and patented combination of sound and lighting, We will help people embark on a journey to optimize their time at any event they participate in.
One To One
As reinforcement and follow-up, we have the One To One sessions. One To One. A space designed and thought to give continuity to the processes that begin in the conferences and allow individualizing this accompaniment through personalized advice in a time after the event.

One To One absolute confidentiality
and privacy are guaranteed.

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