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Rating 5
Danissa Cardenas - , FLMay 02, 2023

"I learned more about understanding my emotions and perceptions of others around me, which allowed me to understand when to ask for help. I developed different tools to organize my team and define our communication brand. It was a combination of professional and personal development, both necessary for success."

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Rating 5
Camilo Sandoval - , FLMay 02, 2023

"It was a very enriching experience, which allowed us to go into our being and mind, to recognize those things we need, even if we think we don't."

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Rating 5
Yesid Macondo - , FLMay 02, 2023

"Life shows you the path you must travel, and you often don't see it. This experience has been one of the best gifts I have received this year, which, for me, has been a challenging year on a personal level."

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