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Nonviolent Communication.

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60% of company problems are due topoor communication
Peter Druker
With this in mind,The Quality Mind has designed the Nonviolent Communication program. Get one of the las essential formulas to succeed in all areas of your life.
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Our founder Diana Figueroa was named NVPF 2023 Global Peace Ambassador for empowering healthy communication within organizations and the family.

And to continue with this task, we designed this complete program of the CNV, whose pillar is Compassionate Communication.
Key Points

We are sure that no one is born violent, however, we learn to be so.
According to data from the World Health Organization in its World Report on Violence and Health.
“Every year, more than 1.6 million people lose their lives to violence.” The good news!, we can return to our intrinsic nature of nonviolence. We are confident that through shared knowledge, new opportunities are opened to the whole world by empowering minds, touching the fiber of hearts, and transforming lives through authentic experiences.
Benefits of applying the Non-violent Communication:
Dispute resolution
When we communicate from a place of empathy and understanding, finding solutions that work for everyone involved is easier.
Strengthening interpersonal relationships
When we communicate with compassion, we build trust and respect, leading to deeper and more satisfying relationships.
Creating a more peaceful world
When we communicate with compassion, we contribute to a more peaceful world. We model respectful and nonviolent communication and inspire others to do the same.
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Diana Figueroa seeks with the TQM-NVC program to inspire, motivate and guide people in an awakening that places them on a path of peace, where conflicts are prevented without resorting to violence.

Embrace this powerful tool and highlight the value of your leaders in all areas.

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Topics to be developed Address conflict resolution through peaceful mental training. Promote social cohesion, collaborative development, and unity. Strengthening consciousness as a process. Educate from the recognition of the inner being. Discover strengths and talents; Discover passions and values. Strengthen friendships and connections with the community. Develop self-esteem and resilience. Formulation of objectives and action plans.
The growth curve in a company'sresults is directly proportional to the investment in the Company's Human Talent.
Higher production in less time.
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Innovative and efficient equipment.
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Tips for practicing compassionate communication:
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Be present:

When communicating with someone, be fully present. Put your phone away, turn off the TV, and focus on the person you're talking to.

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Active listening:

When the other person is talking, listen actively. Please understand what they are saying and try to understand their perspective.

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Ask questions:

If you don't understand something, ask questions. This behavior shows that you are interested in what the other person has to say and can help you clarify your understanding.

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Be respectful:

Even if you disagree with the other person, respect their feelings and opinions. Remember that everyone is entitled to their perspective.

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Be willing to compromise:

If you can't find a solution that meets all your needs, be ready to compromise. This path shows they are willing to work together to find a solution for everyone involved.

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