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Finding your truth
Connect with your essence by means of a certain decision, choose what feeds your mind.
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The quality mind is a qualified mind, that is, human beings with qualities of great value, such as autonomy, merit and respect that lead organizations to achieve successful results.

This program has different processes integrated by tools with which activities are developed that help in the training of people and leaders of organizations to understand and strengthen their direction, management, and operation capacities based on a mental openness from human consciousness for common well-being that generates healthy organizational climates from non-violent communication, potentiating the solution of interpersonal conflicts in all environments of life.

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More than a conference, it is a space for interaction with the public through music, breathing, and meditation. The environment is conducive to reflection, acceptance, and understanding of great support tools for personal and organizational development.

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Workshops aimed at company departments, human resources, and work teams who seek to improve their workflow, have assertive communication, increase creativity, and achieve company objectives and, therefore, their own.

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Organizational Conference

IIt's a space of consciousness in which our transformational leader, specialist in Bioneuroemotion Diana Figueroa, who is a Peace Ambassador in Latin America, will lead you to recognize the importance of individual discovering oneself.

Diana Figueroa
Diana Figueroa has extensive experience working in the fields of human consciousness and organizational leadership.

As the founder of The Quality Mind, she focuses on unlocking the inner journey of the human being by driving individual and collective action, helping teams and organizations understand and reach their unlimited potential.

She has training as a Specialist in Bioneuroemotion and Yoga Siromani. Diana is the NVPF Global Peace Ambassador and works at the intersection of organizational transformation, emotional intelligence, non-violent communication, and loving-kindness meditation.

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As an ambassador of Global Peace NVPF 2023, Diana Figueroa trains and guides people in managing their human relationships, having as its origin and base Nonviolent Communication, thus giving a name to the conference given by Diana Figueroa in Colombia very soon.

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Connect with Diana Figueroa

It begins each month in connection, being part of this space designed to be in Unity with everyone who seeks personal, spiritual, and professional growth Talk, moments of silence, and interaction with Diana Figueroa. We are waiting for you! Register now, and we will email you the day and time of our next Zoom.

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Healing Retreat
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Away from everyday life and routine, we design spaces that, in connection with nature and silence, will allow you to get closer to yourself in total honesty. A few days will be the precise beginning of that Human Journey toward your Human Being.


This program strengthens organizational growth, generates well-being in people, improves the ability to make balanced decisions, projects us to live in unity and teaches us to communicate effectively.
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program 1

Program with effective tools to be present; when we communicate with compassion, we build trust and respect.

program 2
Conscious Leadership in Action

Program in which the leader's emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and the ability to build relationships are worked.

program 3
TQM, A mind with

With this program, you can build trust, communicate assertively, renew commitments, and live in satisfaction.

For The Quality Mind, the sense of serving is an important part of that connection that our being needs to understand and make with the universe. We are all one.

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